About GIGtech

G-I-G-TECH IT cc (CK 2007/107921/23) T/A GIGtech

GIGtech was founded in March 2004, originally offering custom web developments. Situated in Johannesburg South Africa, GIGtech's intentions expanded towards the end of 2006, offering innovative products and services from systems engineering to graphic design.

Our intention is simple. We are a rapidly growing IT company whose goal is to give you peace of mind and the best possible flexible solutions to meet your specific IT requirements.

Our infrastructure is Linux and Windows based. By utilizing our dedicated server hosting, we provide services which include domain name registration, web hosting, database services, e-commerce, search engine optimization, email virus scanning, and spam blocking.

Our set of values are quite distinct, and our focus in on teamwork and communication to promote a creative and productive working environment. Our team, which has been hand selected, is our most important asset and we invest our time in an open culture where ideas and opinions may be voiced. We take advantage of a structured and efficient project management process, keeping an open mind to provide the most effective solutions to a problem, giving you highly productive and quality results.

GIGtech - Competing against ourself!