Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1) Any web developments that require more than 25 business days of development and all domain hosting packages binds you by a 24 month contract, unless otherwise stated. A cancellation fee will be imposed for any contracts that are terminated prematurely.

2) For any web developments that require less than 25 business days, our satisfaction guarantee gives you 7 days to evaluate the development. If you are not entirely satisfied, and if we are unable to meet your requirements, all we keep is your deposit and you don’t have to pay for anything else.

3) Any web developments that require less than 60 business days will be classified as small-business developments. Our satisfaction guarantee will give you 14 days to evaluate the development and if you are not entirely satisfied, and if we are unable to meet your requirements, all we keep is your deposit and you don’t have to pay for anything else. Payments on these developments are to be made for half of the total amount due to us, after our satisfaction guarantee, and the balance at the conclusion of development.

For any development that require more than 60 business days of development, it will then be classified as a corporate development. The satisfation guarantee and deposit will be calculated accordingly for such developments.

4) All costs exclude VAT. Prices may vary without notice. Domain registration includes the administration fee. Once-off registrations may change without notice and are valid for the minimum of 1 year upon registration. Email is backed up. Each email account is limited to 1GB. Additional hard disk space may be purchased. Bandwidth on your domain is uncapped. Email aliases on domains are unlimited. The "abuse" of data transfers, to and from a domain, is calculated as the amount exeeding 1000 times your allocated disk space which will be charged at R0.04 per MB per month. Any additional overages will be charged accordingly.

5) The setup fee on services are there to secure your development and production time. The setup fee is equated to as the deposit. Production times for developments listed in (2) or (3), is as the quotation stands with no additional services.

6) The content pages supplied must be in A4 format. They should be provided electronically otherwise they will be scanned in. These pages will be captured in accordance to the amount of pages allowed on the package purchased. Images may also be included. Custom graphic design and logo creation is not included on developments, unless otherwise stated. Extra costs will apply for additional content pages and typing/data capturing services. Any additional services supplied, during or after developments, are to be paid in full as soon as you have been invoiced.

7) Interest will be charged for late payments at 5% per day when a payment is not made within 7 days. Thereafter, if a payment hasn't been made within an additional 8 days, which are the days for which interest will be charged, the invoiced products or services that have been rendered will be discontinued until further notice. Please note that interest which has been accumulated, will be included in your next invoice.