Our Products

We are currently developing products in PHP that are stand-alone and non-stand-alone. Our stand-alone products range from our contact form creation to our simple CMSWizard© (Content Management System Wizard). Our non-stand-alone products can be integrated into your existing systems. In addition, our team has developed custom Joomla!™ components and modules, under the GNU/GPL license, to provide you with added flexibility.

If you require any services from us, over and above what has been included in the requested package, we will be happy to assist you. Please remember that we will be bill you accordingly.

Non-Stand-Alone Products

Our freely available Joomla!™ components, include:

  • FlexContent+
  • FlexContent Layout
  • FlexScroller+
  • Partners+
  • jHideX

If you wish to send us your comments or would like to place a request for the development of a custom product, then, please email us on services@gigtech.co.za and we will happy to attend to you.