Non-Stand-Alone Products

Custom Joomla!™ Components

We are currently offering Joomla!™ components have been modified/created to allow for extra flexibility during use. Our components can be installed into Joomla!™ versions 1 to 1.5.

Our commercial components are in their development process and should be available shortly. On the other hand, the components below are released as open-source under the GNU/GPL license, so please feel free to download and make use them under the license.

Allows for the categorization and custom display of a list of items in the Frontend. This component makes use of a sub-templating scheme, with custom tags, to allow for structured content to be easily and quickly implemented without the need of having redundant layout designs.
FlexContent Layout
Defines the custom layout for the items of FlexContent+.
Together with FlexContent+ you are able to have an automated horizontal scroller. This allows for the display of a category list of items in the Frontend. The scrolled items are sorted from the latest published and also active hyperlinks that allow for easy navigation.
Displays, in a module, a list of images of your partners or sponsers. The monitoring of clicks to the designated links are captured and can be reset.
This plugin (for Joomla 1.5) allows content on a page to be hidden or displayed depending on if the content is for registered members who are logged in or for members and guests who are not logged in.

If you wish to send us your comments or would like to query information on any of the above products, then, please email us on and we will attend to you as soon as possible.