Why Choose GIGtech?

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1GB Email Accounts

All Email accounts are set to a limit of 1GB. So, there is no problem when it comes to emails bouncing. All email accounts may have unlimited aliases and can be viewed through our wonderful (and most AJAX rich) webmail interface, anywhere worldwide. We also include powerful spam filtering with controls and group calendaring.

24/7 Customer Support

In a panic? Call us any time of the day or night and we will gladly be of assistance to solve any hassles you may have. Besides the telephonic service you may make use of the online support that is available in your control panel for under 99c per day.

In-house Control Panel

We believe in simplification and giving you the power to customize your account. Most hosting offerings are run on Plesk or cPanel which is designed to manage servers and not make your life easier. Through our user friendly interface, you don't have to worry about "unnecessary" technical and complex functionality getting in your way.

Graphical Statistics

Ever wondered how many unique visitors you have to your site? By making use of the renound Urchin system (which Google aquired) you are now able to generate detailed statistics. This web analytics software will definately assist in your marketing schemes.


With advanced clustering technology powering our servers, your websites can respond to sudden surges in traffic without lagging. As a site's traffic accumulates our load balancers distribute the requests across our server base. This allows you to elegantly manage popularity spikes that would cripple any single-server solution.

Secure storage and backup

Hard drives fail. But our Storage Area Network eliminates single points of failure with the employment of powerful RAID technology which is snapshot your website. And to be really safe, we back up your data - and then backup our backups.

Unmetered Bandwidth

We have decided to incur any costs imposed for bandwidth overages rather than having you pay for such a service. We have realized that hosting services have been around for quite a while and a limitation like this is unnecessary since we want you to receive as much activity possible on your domain.

Window & Linux Hybrid Hosting System

Mix and match Windows technologies (like C# .Net and MS SQL) with Linux technologies (like PHP and MySQL). Yes, Ruby on Rails is also available. Best of all, you are even able use all these technologies on the same website!