Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of increasing the ranking of your website on the leading search engines. Old 'tricks of the trade' no longer work and can even reduce your rankings, especially after Google's recent Jagger Update.

Search Engine Optimization is available to you to give your business that edge in page rankings. Our developments and website designs are meant to be convey the personality of your business. Hence, we invest our time in philosophical and analytical thought to maintain and surpass your expectations.

GIGtech offers some useful advice as well as supporting services to jumpstart your efforts at achieving better search engine rankings. Better rankings = more traffic = more business. Target South African and International Search Engines to increase the number of visitors, potential sales, and generate a fast measurable RIO from your web site.

More and more businesses are realizing that having a great website is no longer sufficient enough if clients can't find it. As with traditional businesses, web sites and their products also need to be marketed and publicised to generate interest and draw traffic. If your competitors are being ranked higher on leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN, then it is very likely that they are winning more business. By making use of some effective techniques, you can ensure that your site rankings are optimal. Therefore, allowing you to dominate your compitition, lower client aquisition costs, and broaden your market share.

Search Engine Optimization can be classified by two types: Passive and Aggressive

Passive search engine optimization is the most preferred and advised search engine optimization. This simply means ensuring that the important terms on your existing pages are enhanced; to increase the chances of your page being found. This is something that many web sites neglect and loose on the traffic as a result.

GIGtech's web developments mainly invest time with passive search engine optimization in mind. We avoid frames, pay particular care to page titles and ensure they have many quality pages focusing on particular topics and making use of HTML copy.

Unfortunately, marketing usually occurs after a site has been built. If you've created a site that is difficult for a search engine to crawl, you've destroyed the ability to tap into passive optimization.

Aggressive search engine optimization is when you begin to actively target terms. GIGtech can also deploy the use of aggressive search engine optimization, on your site. This involves constantly tweaking your pages, making multiple pages, ensuring custom pages are aimed at particular terms and attempting to cloak the content of those pages from the search engines.

Aggressive search engine optimization is not a very advisable and worthy option in the sense that aggressive search engine optimization can be a time consuming activity that may not generate the results expected, especially in contrast to other publicity methods.

Obviously, some people want to be aggressive. Some people feel that they have to. Some people are even successful with it. But still, for many people, they will be better off ensuring they've done a good job with their passive optimization.

GIGtech offers SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services to meet your individual requirements. Customised services are also available should your business require a more targeted approach to online marketing. If our services of Search Engine Optimization are used, there are several additional pricing options to be considered. Some options are pay-per-click through and pay-per-listing.

Pay-per-click through means users click through to your site from a link, that can be tracked and you are billed for each click. With this method, you pay only for actual traffic; however there are no guarantees that visitors are buying anything. While using this option be sure that traffic coming from search engines uses agreed-to keywords/key phrases.

Pay per listing means that GIGtech will charge for each ranking achieved. Usually a predetermined price for top 10 rankings and a lower price for top 20 rankings. Often a price limit can be set and rankings achieved over this limit will not be billed.

Our basic SEO services include:

  1. Submit to search engines

    GIGtech will submit your website to Google (this would include sub-sites, including AOL, BBC, MWEB, NETSCAPE, and TERRA), Yahoo (this would include sub-sites, including ALTAVISTA, EXCITE, LYCOS, MSN, and TISCALI), Ananzi, EntireWeb, and ExactSeek.

  2. Optimize your site

    Ensure that your site is optimized for search engine visibility. This powerful report links into all the latest Search Engine rules and helps to ensure that both your website content and technology is suitable for optimal search engine results.

  3. Rankings and visibility

    Our most popular report, the Rankings and Visibility report helps you to track your target keywords performance on Search Engines of your choice. Monitor the long term trend of yor websites saturation on leading search engines, as well as the visibility you have created through cross linking and other exposure on the Internet.

  4. Interaction Analysis

    Through the use of Google Analytics we make it possible for you to learn which online marketing initiatives are cost effective to you. We also tell you everything you want to know about your visitors so you can see how they found you and monitor how they interact with your website.

Additonal optimization & marketing services include:

  • Keyword Analysis with reporting
  • Competition website analysis & monthly reporting
  • Optimization Report (how optimized your website is currently)
  • Meta Tag Analysis & Meta Tag Optimization
  • Content Revision / Priming for keywords
  • Initial Submissions to all major search engines
  • Full website Statistics
  • Link Popularity Campaigns
  • Paid inclusions into prominent search engines are also available on request.
  • Link Building
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Online Marketing Strategy