Web Development and Design

Looking for your website to be designed and developed? Need your website redesigned?
Want to update your website? Need a corporate development or customization?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above then you have come to the correct company.

GIGtech offers extensive services in web development for small-businesses and corporates. We have restructed our web development offerings and now give you the privilege to submit your documented web development requirements straight from this page! Thereafter, we will be able to respond to you with a quotation which will entail a breakdown of the services to be rendered. Please note that if you do decide for us to provide services for web developments we make use of the following phases:

  1. Pre-production

    We will analyze the variables you have provided and develop the outline of what you have requested to be developed. This is the period where we include a satisfaction guarantee. This gives you a certain amount of days (which depends on the intensity of your development) to evaluate the development and if you are not entirely satisfied, and if we are unable to meet your requirements, all we keep is your deposit and you donít have to pay anything additional.

  2. Production

    This is the where the majority/remainder of the development (as per the quotation) will take place. Any additional services that you decide for us to include in this development will not be performed within this phase since amendment in this sense can preempt development issues. Services that you decide to exclude from your development, will (at this point) cause the quotation to be re-analyzed to see if any potential problems may be caused due to modules or submodules/functionality being excluded. Changes will be refunded or charged accordlying if ammendments are able to take place.

  3. Post-Production, Testing and Implementation

    Once the development has been completed, we will now be able to professionaly "patch up" any problems that are found during testing all elements of the development. Thereafter, we will implement the development into the real world unless you require an amended-production phase to take place. Testing will once again be performed to ensure all the modules of the development react in the correct fashion.

  4. Amended-Production, Testing, and Implementation

    Any additional requirements or ammendments will be put in place in this phase. Once the development the additional services that are to be included in this development, have been completed, we will then re-test and resolve any issues found. The implementation of your development will take into affect and testing will once again be performed.

Each of the above phases are to be signed off in order for progress and finalization to be achieved in a systematic fashion.